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Zul Farrak run on July 24th - The Chosen Chaos guild of Kul Tiras, World of Warc [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Zul Farrak run on July 24th [Jul. 28th, 2006|12:07 am]
The Chosen Chaos guild of Kul Tiras, World of Warc



Warm up dance Warm up dance

Everyone needs to warm up before strenuous excercise! For some reason, Sat is only warming up his wrist. Hmmm.. gotta wonder about those druids :D
ken pure omg ken pure omg

Ken and Pure share a little intimate moment before the instance. Ken seems shocked!
mourn Killa mourn Killa

Zul Farrak is a cruel mistress. Here we mourn the death of our 60 warrior, Killa.
Killa bacon Killa bacon

Or at least we did until Saturis got hungry. Apparently fried human warrior smells like bacon to cats..
Killa yummy Killa yummy

Munch munch.. why let the undead have all the fun with Cannibalise?
rez Killa rez Killa

I know Pure wasn't talking about Killa here, but it's so cute to think so!
Gahz'rilla alive Gahz'rilla alive

The final battle! Gahz'rilla was not pleased to have visitors.
Gahz'rilla slain Gahz'rilla slain

Fortunately, we didn't overstay our welcome.
zf run 1 zf run 1

Killa has an idea. A parting gift to the trolls, if you will.
zf run 2 zf run 2

Trolls are unimpressed
zf run 3 zf run 3

Here they come! Nyami's trusty steed puts her well ahead of the stampeding horde.
zf run 4 zf run 4

They look mad, don't they?
zf run 5 zf run 5

Free and clear. It may not have been a complete run, but we were laughing our heads off by the end, so all in all a good evening :)


[User Picture]From: lee_in_limbo
2006-07-28 05:46 am (UTC)

L o L,
casual observer
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